Entry #1

The Halloween Collab 2017

2017-09-03 03:49:46 by cuteboy99

I don't normally make news post here on newgrounds but this one is special because I kinda miss the halloween collab 2013 and I wish to collaborate with others on a new one so I created a topic on collaboration if anyone is intrested in having fun animating something for the collaboration feel free here:


if you want to see the poster of the collaboration here it's:


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2017-09-06 20:55:17

I am willing to join your collab.

cuteboy99 responds:

Cool! have fun while working on your animation piece and try not to go above your limit of what you can do also post some of your progress on the bbs topic so I can assist you if you need some feedback or assist you to finish your piece within the deadline if for some reason you animation wouldn't end!


2017-10-23 12:58:32

Halloween is fun because of the sweets you get at that time. ^^ I missed Inktober though... T^T

cuteboy99 responds:

unless your here for the collaberation I don't undetstand why are you commenting on this anyway, missing inktober shouldn't stop you from doing something for halloween!